Enter the world of Blackfoot - a world a little bit smaller than you may be used to. Take the role of one of nature's greatest assassins in this PC Platformer RPG. Originally designed for YoYoGames Competion05, and while it did not place, the game has high hopes for future development. Play as a weasel using your [Arrow Keys] and the [Space Bar] as you hunt down your prey and work your way to dominance in the woodlands.

How to Play?

Blackfoot is Donateware. That means the game is free to play and download. Download the game to your PC and play it. If you enjoy yourself and would like to see updates or more games then please Donate whatever you feel fit. I make my games for fun and to learn new things as I hope to break into the industry, but your donations can help bring Blackfoot to the next level. Look for more achievements and possibly levels if the game is sucessful.


Here are some places that Blackfoot can be found around the web. If you have another site you know or would like to do a review on your blog, then please email fornace@gmail.com with your link and I will add you.

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The most recent version of Blackfoot is version 2 which was released in May 2010. Download the latest version of Blackfoot by visiting the Download Page.

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