Enemy Information

Throughout the game of Blackfoot you will run into various enemies other than your prey. Each of these enemies require different strategies. If you are having trouble with a particular one then read below on tips of how to fight them. I will also put in-development enemies on this page.


Added: Ver.1 - Comp05

Porcupines cannot be attacked while rolling. Either wait for them to stop or attack them from behind.


Added: Ver.1 - Comp05

Moles can never be attacked from the front. Sneak up behind them or quickly turn around when approaching them.


Added: Ver.1 - Comp05

Birds hurt you when they are on their way down. However, as a quick ferret you can overcome them at any time with your attack.


Added: Ver.1 - Comp05

Chameleons shoot their tongue out with surprising speed. Attack them in between attacks or from behind to be successful.


Added: Ver.1 - Comp05

Turtles will hide in their shells when they see you. They cannot be killed while hiding so leave their site and come back and kill them before they are full withdrawn.


Added: Ver.1 - Comp05

Skunks can be attacked at enemy time, but look out for their spray as it will slow you down.

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